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To: People Who Talk Shit About Mr Fuller


First Bryan gets taunted that his show is basically his fantasy because he’s gay, and now people say he’s racist and sexist. Wow, bye. He’s killed so many white male characters, and we were all just woot woot. Now a POC woman is… killed, and suddenly it’s the apocalypse. Beverly is a character in…

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Fannibals, what the actual fuck?

What is this shit I’m reading, people bitching and moaning about women of color and the show being racist and hating Brian Fuller for giving a character the ax?! It’s HANNIBAL, people die, bad shit happens all the time and Hannibal gets to be smug about it. That’s what we’re watching this TV show for, isn’t it?

So snap out of it and behave like fannibals, not a bunch of whiny babies with issues!

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